Peri Coffee | Beauty from Fire

Not your ordinary coffee roastery . . .

Peri Coffee was founded in 2014 by an owner of internationally renowned coffee producer Ninety Plus®. Since its entrée into the coffee world in 2007, Ninety Plus has elevated the standards for premium coffee by marrying traditional farming methods with science, sustainability, and wildlife preservation. Peri Coffee’s private door to rare and exclusive coffees from Ninety Plus allows us to be involved from seed to cup, to tease out flavor at every stage.

It’s enchanting what a little fire can do.

We take pride in sourcing, roasting, and packaging our boutique coffee with kilos of love and a dose of whimsy. Even though the art and science behind our coffee is serious, it doesn’t mean we have to be. The word peri, after all, means a beautiful being formed of fire. It’s enchanting what a little fire can do.


Ingin Kim
Founder | Head Roaster


Peri Coffee founder Ingin Kim

Photo by Karen Yin

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